There is so much to see in this great city!

The old and the new combine together beautifully, offering you a great travelling experience. The Castle and the Ancient Theatre, the Archaeological Museum, the Yeni Mosque, the old Ottoman Baths, the Dome of Agios Therapon, the old market with the antique shops and the new of course where you can find almost anything. Ermou street is full of life any day of the year and is a great attraction not only for tourists but locals from all over the island. The harbor is also full of shops, restaurants and bars. You must not miss the Museum of Theophilos the Naïve Painter and the Teriad Museum, both in the area of Varia, towards the airport. The area is full of beautiful mansions from the 19th and 20th century.

Following the road North to Thermi you will find Moria where you can see parts of the Roman Aqueduct, Afalonas, Panagiouda, Pamfila and Pirgi Thermis, wherer from you can visit the monastery of the miracle worker Agio Rafael.