Mithymna or Molyvos. The birthplace of Arion, the ancient citharode and lyric poet and favorite spot for poets, painters and intellectuals from all over the world. Molyvos inspires with its unique charm, its imposing fortress, the picturesque harbour full of fishing boats and taverns, the famous cobbled alleyways shaded by the dominant wisteria, the traditional market, the mansions and the old fountains, the hanging balconies of restaurants and patisseries. Along the bay of Molyvos, there are hotels, restaurants, bars and two beaches – one pebbled and the other sandy. Visit the Byzantine Castle, the excavations that highlight Ancient Mithymna, the Ottoman baths, the Conference Hall, the Public Library with its rich material, the Municipal Art Gallery with works of great Greek artists, the Komninaki Kralli Mansion, an Annex of the School of Fine Arts of Athens in Molyvos – a beautiful old mansion with frescoes dating back to the 18th century. Four kilometers to the northeast of Molyvos there is the summer resort Eftalou, with wonderful beaches, hotels and an endless view over Asia Minor. Following the paths around Molyvos, you can visit small traditional villages like Vafios, known for its supreme culinary excellence and the walking – cycling routes around Mount Lepetymnos. Argennos, with the Valletta Museum. The village of Lepetymnos with the church of Panagia, where every August the traditional feast of the Assumption takes place. Sykaminia with its Folklore Museum and Skala Sykaminia with the beautiful small church of Panagia Gorgona (Mermaid) on the rock and its famous fish taverns.

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