In this time of change, the standards of the tourism industry are evolving rapidly on an international level. Stakeholders in the tourism industry are constantly seeking new alternatives to accommodate visitors’ interests. The very identity of a traveller has evolved from being a simple tourist into becoming an explorer of history, art and nature. The “Tourism association of molyvos” has undertaken precisely this responsibility: to improve the existing tourism structures of molyvos and of its surrounding region and to highlight the environmental and cultural resources of its unique surroundings. By doing so, we aim to offer our visitors monumental holidays and furthermore reset the economic potential of Molyvos.

Lesvos is for travelers who want to experience and participate rather than to merely passively enjoy the typical, canned, artificial sameness of a tourist destination. Molyvos and its surroundings is a place where visitors can rest and relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area and experience the calm associated with the sun setting over the Aegean; a place to hike, climb, or bike through the lush pine forests and acres upon acres of olive groves; swim, sail and fish or scuba dive in the blue waters of the aegean; unwind their minds, de-stress and get in touch with their inner self and the spirituality and energy of the island; attend folk festivals celebrating the island’s heritage and visit museums and monuments and learn about the island’s long history and deep culture dating back over three thousand years; visit ouzo distilleries, harvest olives with the locals, and savor the aroma of Greek coffee brewed over cinders in a “kafeneio” (traditional coffee house) listening to stories of the island’s past and present woven by village elders.

Year after year, our many friends travel from around the world to experience again the authenticity and explosion of sensations Lesvos, and the Greece you only think you know, have to offer. We hope to see you among them.


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