Located in the center of Lesvos Island, Kalloni’s rich history reflects in the existence of numerous archaeological sites in the region. The Messa Sanctuary, Klopedi and the temple of Apollo by Agia Paraskevi village, the underwater ancient city of Pyra, Makara and Apotheka are only a few to mention. The Aristotle’s Lagoon – the bay and salt pans of Kalloni –  is the place where Aristotle’s studies led to the birth of a new science – Biology. The coastal areas of the Gulf of Kalloni are included in “NATURA 2000” and they are considered famous for bird watching. Visit Leimonos monastery, Agia Paraskevi where is the Museum of the Olive Oil Production. Don’t miss Anemotia, Skalochori, Filia and of course Skala Kalloni, a picturesque harbor with warm shallow waters, a beautiful sandy beach and exquisite sea food. You must eat local sardines – raw salted or grilled – along with an ouzo, and you will feel like locals.

Main photo: Kalloni waterlands, by Lesvos Bird News