Lesvos’ spectacular indented coastline is approximately 370 kilometers long. So, there’s always a spot available that will suit your mood: rocks, pebbles or sand; narrow or wide; a tiny cove or a long stretch; organized, with beach bars and tavernas, umbrellas and lounge chairs, exciting activities and people, or primal, completely untouched, tranquil and relaxing with not a soul in sight. The sun and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, will give you the strength to explore more experiences.  Those seeking excitement, water sports, access to services and tavernas, will want to head to one of the more developed beaches like Vatera, where the long, wide, sandy beach and crystal clear waters attract many visitors from all over the island. Petra is another good choice, where the small islands of St. George and Psira just off the coast provide the setting for one of the most beautiful sunsets. And, of course, Skala Eressos, another long, sandy beach and yet another great spot to enjoy a beautiful sunset and enjoy some local ouzo at a waterfront taverna. Or you can try Tsamakia in Mytilene, Anaxos near Petra, Skalla Kalloni, Sigri, Skala Polichnitos, Plomari and of course the beach of Molyvos which stretches far till the end of the bay – a must for a naturalist. If you prefer peace and quiet or a romantic secluded spot, the choices are almost endless. For example, one of the nine interlinked coves at Eftalou can most likely be exclusively yours. Find your own magic spot at Faneromeni, Ligonari, Tsilia, Achladeri, Podaras, Chrousos, Tsichlionta, Ancient Antissa, Tsichranta, Yeni Limani, Palios, Tokmakia islands, Aghios Ermogenis, Skala Baltziki (Nees Kydonies), Kayia, Nyfida, Melinta, Tarti, Pedi, Evriaki, Skala Mystegnon. And if you walk, cycle or sail around the island, you’ll probably find a beach we haven’t named yet. Feel free to do so.

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