Lesvos’ spectacular indented coastline is approximately 320 kilometres long. So it should come as no surprise that there are quite a few beaches here. Some small and secluded, some long, wide and…secluded. Well, to tell the truth, there are some beaches on the island that can get a bit crowded, mostly organised beaches and only for 3-4 weeks in late July and early August. But, even at its busiest, 320 kilometres means there’s always a spot available that will suit your mood: rocks, pebbles or sand; narrow or wide; a tiny cove or a long stretch (Vatera, the longest beach on the island, is actually 8 kilometres long!); organised, with beach bars and tavernas, umbrellas and lounge chairs, exciting activities and people, or primal, completely untouched, tranquil and relaxing with not a soul in sight. Regardless, two things are certain. The sun. And the crystal clear, cool and inviting waters of the Aegean.

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