There’s something peaceful and relaxing when you shop walking through the cobbled narrow streets of most villages in Lesvos. It could be the fact that most markets still retain their old character, or it could also be that the owners are also relaxed and welcome you because they are so proud of their products. Most villages have all the shops required with mini markets, shops with souvenirs, local crafts, clothes, local products and so on.

In Lesvos you will discover souvenirs that reflect the island’s history, customs and traditions. Pottery, religious icon art, jewels, local painting and sculpture art, woodcarvings, rugs and textiles, traditional baskets, leather work, these are some of Lesvos’s traditional crafts that still survive here. But Lesvos is also renowned for its local gastronomy and produce. Local cheeses like ladotiri and feta, kritharaki (similar to pasta), sardines, salted anchovies, honey, ouzo, local wine, olives and olive oil, liqueurs, sweets are some of the island’s best treats. You can also find these in Local co-operatives such as the Women’s co-op and the Agricultural Co-op.

There are so many things for you to buy. Prices are generally moderate and you can be sure to find pieces difficult to come by in any other part of the world.

The only thing you will have trouble with is finding space to fit everything in your luggage!

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