When cruising, Lesvos will be a surprise to your journey. It is a fascinating sight when you arrive in Petra and you see the long sandy beach and blue waters giving you such a warm welcome. So it will only take a minute to find yourself swimming or sunbathing under the Aegean sun, scuba diving into the deep blue sea or relaxing on a deck chair and enjoying a refreshing cocktail. You can visit Anaxos and Avlaki for a quick swim or to get a bite to eat. Then head towards magnificent Molyvos, a breathtaking village built on a rock and crowned by a Byzantine castle. There is so much to do and see here. Swim, do water sports, horse ride on the beach, take Greek dancing lessons, watch a local craftsman work, buy a local handmade souvenir, do some yoga, try the local cuisine, dance dill you drop or just stare at the Aegean and one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Mediterranean. Also visit Eftalou where you can swim in the hot springs, Vafios a mountain village with walking trails and excellent local food and Skala Skamia with the traditional harbor, tavernas and the church of Panagia Gorgona built on the rock. All this not in any part of the Aegean but in …The Other Aegean.