If you want to enjoy a pleasant and unique tour around the beautiful area of Molyvos , Petra and Anaxos,then you have to take the ”Village Train” !.

As soon as you get on , on one of our tourist trains you can wander around and visit various historic monuments and enjoy the breathtaking view of the natural landscape.

In addition, our trains guide the visitors through the traditional streets of the village, the deep blue sandy beaches of Petra and Anaxos and the picturesque harbor of Mithimna as well. During the tour you can hop on and hop off at each of the different train stops.

There are daily and frequent tours starting from early in the morning till late in the evening. Our trains start from the starting point of Molyvos and Petra.

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Contact person: Vourou Archontia - Phone number: (+30)2253072211 , (+30)6945598474 ,
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