Efstathios J. Barbayannis arrived in Plomari, Lesvos, in 1860, bringing with him knowledge and experience of the —— processes from the Russian city of Odessa.

At that time in Plomari, industrial production was on the increase and international trade was blooming. The great Mentor of the Greek Nation, Benjamin of Lesvos, was starting to lay the foundations of modern Greece in the Aegean islands, with other members of the Filiki Eteria. Life was pulsing at the port and many products were being shipped to the corners of the Earth. This fertile land, with its exquisite climate, gives forth a superior variety of anise, from the seed of which the basic flavoring ingredient of ouzo is distilled. Tens of other kinds of sweet-smelling herbs also grow on this land, contributing as well to the Composition of this particular scent of ouzo which reminds of the fragrance of Greece. This is where Efstathios Barbayannis started his first distillation process and the production of his excellent-quality ouzo, which since then, became known as Ouzo Barbayanni Blue. During that time, five generations of the Barbayannis family follow the footsteps of Efstathios Barbayannis. They are faithful keepers of tradition,with love and artistic feeling for the creation of a unique ouzo, carefully selecting pure, natural materials and giving special care in following the distillation procedures in the old, traditional way.

The Barbayannis family has been passionately pursuing perfection for the taste of ouzo and preserving the traditional distillation techniques. As a result, the Barbayannis name is identified throughout the world with ouzo, the finest Greek beverage. Today, in the picturesque Plomari of Lesvos, technology co-exists in perfect harmony with history and tradition. The Ouzo Museum was created by the love and passion of the Barbayannis family for the production of ouzo. This museum is located next to the modern, privately-owned distilleries of he Barbayannis alcoholic beverage production facilities. There, visitors can see the original equipment used to bottle and label the famous Ouzo Barbayanni Blue, as well as the first alembic, constructed in 1858 in Constantinople, used for testing century-old secrets and techniques, in order to compose the recipes of the Barbayannis family. The Museum of Ouzo respectfully embraces tradition and is home to the secret of the quality and taste found in Ouzo Barbayanni.

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