Welcome to “Mythos” Art Gallery

With the term ‘’Mythos’’ it is meant a supernatural story or interpretation which describes the origin of humanity on earth, of life and of the special creation.

In the desire of the cosmogony of jewels, the workshop ‘’Mythos’’ creates jewels of gold ,silver and semi- precious stones for the last twenty years using particular design, image and features which are hard to find.

The designer Theofilos Mantzoros has as his main goal to achieve balance between the jewel and its owner.

Very often for the creation of this particular relationship, it is needed not only personal communication but also the good will for transformations and changes in the products depending on the needs of the potential buyer.

Contact person: Theofilos Mantzoros - Phone number: 0030 22530 71711 , 0030 2253041775 , 0030 6936568555
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