MENTA Lesvos Wedding Planner.

Weddings, baptisms, events, flowers, favors, invites. Decorating, inspiring and creating special occasions just for you. This is what MENTA is all about. You can find us in Molyvos by the Kyriakou Sq. You can find us decorating a Greek church, a Town Hall, a traditional taverna, a posh hotel, a beach, or even a sailing boat! You may see us running around preparing legal papers, organising the right Greek music or a DJ, the best photographer, or the cheapest deal in anything! You can see us making beautiful and unique creations in our flower shop. You can see all that but what you will not see is yourself stressing about your destination wedding. We are Gabriela and Renna and if you’re looking for some fresh ideas, join us for some mintspiration! If you are looking for a smart wedding location, Lesvos is your island.

Contact person: Gabriela Vati, Rena Kouvdi - Phone number: (+30) 2253071802 , (+30) 6942487861 , (+30) 2253071782
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