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These are the 10 best beaches in Lesvos

Lesvos is an island like no other! It offers tasteful food, unforgettable experiences, exquisite sites, an amazing connection with nature and of course wonderful beaches, which cover all tastes: for those who prefer isolation and for those who seek party vibes next to clear blue waters! As we explore the island, we discover the ten beaches that stand out and attract the locals and thousands of Lesvos’ visitors each year! Let’s discover them…


It is the biggest beach of the island, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks in quality. An excellent sandy beach, where you can also find traditional taverns and modern beach bars, which will totally cover your… needs for food and beverages, in a way that doesn’t spoil the beach aesthetics. However, if you don’t like crowded places, we are sure that you will find your peaceful spot on the 9km long beach – one of the best you can visit in Greece!

Saint Isidore (Agios Isidoros)

It is one of the most famous beaches of the island, which stands out for the clear blue waters, the combination of sand and pebbles and the fact that it is big enough to let you enjoy moments of tranquility, no matter how many people are on the beach. In addition, if you visit it, you can also combine swimming and sunbathing with drinking ouzo in Plomari, the homeland of Greece’s national drink, which is very close to the beach. 

Saint Hermogenes (Agios Ermogenis)

A tiny beach at the southeast side of the island, named by the small chapel of the same name you will find there. It is a small piece of art, composed by the turquoise waters, the clear sand and the pine forest which reaches the coast, located just a few kilometres away from Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos. Due to its small size, if you don’t love crowded places, we suggest you visit the beach early in the morning.

Skala Eressos

Regularly awarded with a blue flag, Skala Eressos’ beach is quite famous to both locals and visitors for the countless alternatives that it offers. There you will find an organized beach with water sports and tasteful food and drinks in traditional restaurants and beach bars on wooden platforms right next to the sea. If you prefer to enjoy swimming and sunbathing isolated, then you should choose the west side of the beach where you will also discover a small lake with dozens of turtles! 


This is also one of the most beautiful and well-organized beaches on Lesvos, with golden sand, where you will also enjoy water sport, next to traditional taverns and beach bars. A special feature? The view of the small islands of Ai Giorgis, Mikro Nisi, Glaronisi and Mirmigi, which are protected wild bird zones and also function as ecological observatories. 


It is located at the north side of the island. Organized, sandy, with clear deep waters and full of restaurants, beach bars and vacation homes and a small river on the west side, Anaxos beach is also one of the most famous in Lesvos.


Close to Molyvos you will find Eftalou, the beach with the countless coves. It may be full of stones and pebbles, but the crystal clear waters combined with the greenery around, will enchant you! If you go there don’t miss a visit to the healing springs of the area!


Located at the south side of the island, this is a very popular beach for both locals and visitors, well known for its turquoise clear waters! Except swimming and sunbathing you can also enjoy ouzo and “meze” there!

Skala Neon Kydonion

This beach is divided into two parts. On the one part, for those who love colors, the beach is full of pebbles with unique nuances and the waters are deep. On the other part, we will find shallow clear waters and fine sand, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. All along the beach you will find picturesque taverns, with excellent appetizers, fresh seafood and of course plenty of ouzo! 


Close to Polichnitos and at the entrance of the Gulf of Kalloni, at the south side of the island, this sandy beach with its blue waters will enchant you! Many taverns and cafes across the beach will meet your needs for coffee and food with a view to the sea, which is rarely wavy, so you can enjoy swimming!

Photo: Tarti, by Vincent Ketels