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Family vacation in Lesvos

A vacation with kids can truly be a wonderful experience. The entire family has a chance to share new and exciting experiences. In Lesvos you can not only find something for the kids to do, but for the family as a whole.

On a summer vacation to a Greek island, swimming is arguably the number one most important activity. Thankfully, Lesvos can satisfy any preference a family can have in a beach, be it easily accessible ones to hidden gems of the alternative Aegean. A great example is Vatera beach, which stretches across 7 kilometers and has many sections which offer chez longs, umbrellas and beach bars, as well as more wild areas. It is also a great option for enjoying activities, such as windsurfing and water skiing. Another famous beach is Skala Eresos, on the southwest side of the island. Here, the whole family can enjoy crystal clear turquoise water and a snack from the nearby beach bars. Don’t leave early though, as the sunset here is truly magical. Get your camera ready, because a very special golden hour will be coming up!

Skala Eresos beach

Families can also share new experiences, as the island has a lot to offer. For example, from Molyvos there are horseback riding tours, suitable for kids and adults alike. Don’t miss the chance to explore the forests of Lesvos and cross the picturesque bridges atop a horse. For families with older children, there are also longer tours that end up at secluded beaches, and include picnics and river crossings. Cycling in Lesvos is also a fun pastime, as the island is rife with opportunities for adventures on two wheels. It’s a great way to explore the island, as there are tours which cross the river on the way to Olympus, other ones that stroll around Gera’s bay, or help you discover the watermills deep in the Petra ravine.

One of the most unique activities one can embark upon in the Aegean is bird watching in the Kalloni wetlands. Novices and experts alike can enjoy seeing rare and wonderful birds, photograph them and learn all about this incredible ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled, you don’t want to miss the pink flamingos. 

Kalloni wetlands

Lesvos is a fantastic place to get in touch with nature. After all, it is home to one of only 150 UNESCO geoparks in the world. Geoparks are large areas of land with important geological sites. The petrified forest of Lesvos is one of the two largest of its kind in the world, and exceptionally well maintained. There are organized hiking trails, one of which includes a petrified pine tree which was recorded for the first time in the world within the park! It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach kids how to calculate a tree’s age by counting its rings, while you enjoy the lunar landscape.

Throughout the year, there are many festivals in Lesvos, and they include activities for kids of all ages. During the Lesvos Food Fest, kids cooking classes take place. Here, the young ones can learn how to make a dish using the local ingredients, and will get a taste for the culinary arts. During the ARION International Guitar Festival in Molyvos, there are amazing musical and theatrical workshops for kids. By playing, young visitors will have a chance to spend time with their local counterparts and go through a journey of fun and expression. Similarly, the Euphoria International Wellness Festival hosts courses for families, which aim to connect the power of the mind to the body. Kids can also attend specially designed classes that include expression and art games. 

No family vacation can be complete without sampling delicious local delicacies, sweet and savory, at the many tavernas all across Lesvos. It’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce your offspring to one of the world’s most special treats, Kalloni sardines. It’s even better to do this in a taverna in the eponymous village! Aside from experimenting with new flavors, the whole family can enjoy the huge variety of flavors in the meze course, which includes many small plates. Stuffed zucchini flowers, local cheeses and the famous gkiouzlemedes, which are small fried cheese pies, are just a few of the dishes you will get to sample. For the sweet tooths in the family, there is also a vast array of deserts you need to try. Sweets made of olives, tomato, pumpkin or watermelon are just fantastic. So is the almond baklava, and the incredibly sculpted almond cookies. 

On the more practical side, Lesvos and its various regions are easily accessible, as the island has an extensive road network ready for you to conquer it. It’s a good idea to have access to a car, as Lesvos is a large island. Remember, you want to be free to stop at the Agia Paraskevi salt plains to photograph the pink flamingos, don’t you?