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Greeting letter for the 2nd Lesvos Food Fest by the Secretary General of the GNTO, Konstantinos Tsegas

On behalf of the Ministry for Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), I welcome the 2nd Lesvos Food Fest, held in eight different locations of this beautiful Greek island with its ancient old history and culture. Combining perfectly rich history and tradition with world-renowned natural and cultural sights and modern facilities with the celebrated Greek hospitality, Lesvos is the ideal holiday destination for all types of travellers offering high quality services to its guests.

Visitors to Lesvos are spoilt for choice as every single part of the island boasts exceptional landscapes of unparalleled natural beauty, landmarks of great religious significance as well as its own local culture and gastronomic culture in particular. This is after all Lesvos’s wealth; the particular diversity of its landscapes and the flavors that accompany them.

All of the above make up for an authentic travel experience, which Lesvos’s blessed land offers generously not only to its visitors but also to Greece as this mesmerizing northeastern Aegean island enriches the Greek tourist product with more culture, more tradition and a great gastronomic diversity.

The Greek Tourism Minister, Mrs Elena Kountoura, and the Greek National Tourism Organisation are here to assist and facilitate the local authorities in this truly remarkable initiative aiming to establish Lesvos – through its exceptional gastronomy and culture – as a unique and diverse holiday destination offering amazing niche travel experiences.

I wish you a very successful festival.

Konstantinos Tsegas

GNTO Secretary General