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The Watermills of Ligonas

At the foot of Mount Lepetymnos and just above the man-made well of Molyvos, you will find yourself walking amidst treasures of nature. Known as Ligona, this breathtaking landscape, a ravine with 18 watermills, was bursting with life until 1960. The ravine was the source of life for the neighboring villages by grinding their crops with the windmills’ churning waters and by irrigating the fields.
The Watermills of Ligona belong to the Municipality of Petra and are one of the most impressive landmarks of a distant past as well as an unparalleled monument of nature. The unspoilt natural environment presents a geological wealth which is perfectly and harmonically in unison with the works of local craftsmen and is of extreme architectural and anthropological interest.

By following the specially marked paths towards the villages of Vafios, Stipsi, Petri and Petra, apart from the cobbled paths and the watermills, visitors can admire the unique elements of nature, the volcanic formations, the natural springs of water, the lovely falcons, squirrels, turtles, the rhododendron flower bushes), the little chapels and terraced plots on sloping hillsides, the plane, mulberry and oak trees. The best time of year to explore these pathways are spring and fall, due to the ideal temperatures that time of year. However, visitors may appreciate the richness of the landscape any time of year.