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3rd Annual Summer Academy for Classical Guitar ARION – August 1-6, 2014


• The 3rd Annual Summer Academy for Classical Guitar will be held in Molyvos, Lesvos, on August 1-6, 2014

• Organized by The Molyvos Tourism Association and Cultural Crossroads

• Artistic Coordinator: Ms. Korina Vougiouka

Chamber Music and Guitar Concerts and Recitals, Workshops, Competitions, and Seminars on the island of Lesvos, in idyllic Molyvos, the birthplace of Arion, the ancient Greek citharode that Herodotus credits with the invention of the dithyramb and the tragic mode and the original stationary and cyclical chorus. Highlighting the guitar’s role in the wider music scene, the Academy aspires to arm guitarists with the tools needed to approach their instrument from a broader musician’s perspective rather than that of a guitarist alone. In this context, in addition to solo guitar seminars, the Arion Summer Academy will also organize a guitar ensembles’ meeting and workshops for guitar and string chamber music with Ionian Camerata, the string ensemble of the Ionian University.

• Participation is open to college/university students, guitar ensembles, as well as guitar soloists and professors.


The Invited Artists | The Competitions |  The Seminars | The Workshops | The Lectures | The Concerts | Other Activities | Participation/Fees | Accommodation in Molyvos | Applications/Details | Links

The Invited Artists

Lex Eisenhardt: guitarist and early guitar player (Vihuela, Baroque- and Romantic guitar), currently teaches both classical guitar and historical plucked instruments at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Stela Dinkova: guitarist, teaches the guitar at Plovdiv Academy for Dance, Music and Fine Arts.

Spyros Gikontis: violinist, assistant professor at the Ionian University Music Department, artistic director of the Ionian Camerata.

Katerina Michopoulou: cembalist, assistant professor at the Ionian University Music Department.

Stathis Soulis: conductor.

Yannis Toulis: cellist, assistant professor at the Ionian University Music Department.

Korina Vougiouka: guitarist, adjunct teacher at the Ionian University Music Department, artistic coordinator of the Guitar Summer Academy Arion.

Kostas Grigoreas: composer, guitarist.

Eleni Skarkou: composer, guitarist.

The competitions

Category up to 14 years old (participants born from 01/01/00): participants will have to interpret a work of maximum duration 10 minutes.
Prize: Free participation at the Summer Academy Arion 2015, and music material.

Category without age limit: participants will have to interpret two works of maximum
total duration 20 minutes.
Prize: 30 minute recital at the Summer Academy Arion 2015 (with a 300 euro stipend).

Large guitar ensembles: each ensemble will have to interpret works of maximum duration 15 minutes.
Prize: Free participation at the Summer Academy Arion 2015 for every member of the winning ensemble, as well as free music material.

The seminars

Seminars for solo interpretation and guitar ensembles. Teachers: Lex Eisenhardt, η Stela Dinkova, Katerina Michopoulou, Korina Vougiouka, Kostas Grigoreas, Eleni Skarkou.

The workshops

• Workshops for large guitar orchestras and ensembles: daily rehearsals that will end up to concert presentation. Players will receive in advance the works to be rehearsed. Coordinators: Korina Vougiouka, Stela Dinkova.

• Chamber music workshops for guitar and strings. Participants will work on chamber music pieces for guitar and strings and will present them at the final concert. Participants have to propose (in the relevant form below) up to three pieces they would like to work on (for example one piece for guitar and string quartet, one piece for guitar and violin etc) and attach their CV. The works that will finally be rehearsed in the workshops will be chosen in cooperation with the Ionian Camerata. Coordinators: Lex Eisenhardt, Spyros Gikontis, Korina Vougiouka.

The lectures

• Lecture-recital about the Italian Baroque, the compositions of Fernando Sor and the classical era, by Lex Eisenhardt.

• ‘The guitarist in the times of internet.’: lecture by Kostas Grigoreas.

• ‘Midi, synthesizer and new technology’: lecture by Eleni Skarkou.

The concerts

Concerts with the participation of the invited artists, the Ionian Camerata as well as a participant’s concert.


Other activities

• Focusing on the role of the body in the music-making process, a yoga class will focus on the guitarist’s needs.

• Highlighting the wider region’s extraordinary natural setting, a walking tour will be offered for those interested.

Participation / Fees

• Full participation (120 euros): participation as performer in the master classes, the guitar orchestra, the workshops, the final student concert as well as free entrance to the concerts.

• Audience (80 euros): participation in the guitar orchestra, participation as listener in the workshops, the final student concert as well as free entrance to the concerts.

• Guitar ensemble participation: for special prices concerning ensembles please contact or call at +30 6973037092.

Accommodation in Molyvos

Full participants in the Arion Summer Academy will have access to discounted accommodations as well as to meals as low as 12 euro per day. More information at +30 22530 72291, or visit using the password ‘guitar academy’.

Applications / Details

Please fill in the following form and send to
Contact phone number: +30 6973037092.

Scholarships for free accommodation will be offered to 8 participants. The evaluation will be based on the curriculum vitae sent along with the application form.

For applications and other information please visit, or the Association’s Facebook site (Facebook name: Φορέας Τουρισμού Μολύβου), or call at +30 6973037092 or E-mail:

Participants will receive a Summer Academy participation certificate.
The official language for the workshops and master classes is English.