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A network of trails

There is an extensive network of signposted walking and cycling trails on Lesvos. Here are just some you may want to take near Molyvos:

Walk from Petra towards Molyvos or Vafios across the “limnodexameni” reservoir area. The trails here are easy to follow with low gradients. Crossing through dense olive groves you’ll reach Vafios, a charming village on the western slopes of the mountain, and if you time it just right you’ll see one of the most astonishing sunsets. The reservoir attracts a wide variety of rare bird species so take the opportunity to observe and photograph them.

For a bit more challenge, head towards Stypsi or Vafios, or the peak of Mt. Lepetymnos, the largest volcano of Ancient Greece, crossing through the “Lagos” region, an area with rich vegetation, aged plane trees and water fountain ruins. You’ll also encounter the “Limnes” region with old oak woods, water tanks (“giolia”) built to collect rainwater, and outdoor stone threshing floors where farmers used to thresh and then winnow the
grainharvest. The trail leads to the peak and to the church of Profitis lias built on steep rocks. The panoramic view is to behold and stretches across most of the island and to the Turkish coast.

Those interested in unspoiled natural beauty should take the path around the valley of Ligona. You’ll encounter rich flora and fauna, a multitude of streams and springs and old watermills used until the mid 1940s to grind wheat into flour for the nearby villages. The climb from Ligona to Petri or Vafios also offers magnificent views of Petra and Molyvos.

You can also wander around the small churches of the Molyvos region, starting from the picturesque church of Agios Ioannis and continuing to Agia Rodotou, enjoying the breathtaking views of Molyvos, Petra and the Turkish coastline. Alternatively, you can head towards Sykamia starting from Aghia Anna, through the small church of Aghios Konstantinos and the Platoyannis olive press.

But this is only to whet your appetite. There are so many and varied routes on the island we haven’t even scratched the surface. And you won’t either, unless you come back again and again. Which you will.