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yoga and meditation retreats

It’s this combination that has attracted spiritual people, yoga practitioners, painters, writers and poets and, not unexpectedly, many stressed people from all over the world to the island.  Molyvos and nearby Eftalou, and Eressos are just some of the areas that not only offer venues to practice yoga or meditation regimes but also combine the natural beauty and other attributes that make Lesvos unique as a destination to tend to the body and spirit.  The venues in these areas (including among others Gisa and Detlief Siebert-Bartling’s Milelja Retreat Center in Molyvos, the yoga retreats led by Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten at their Yoga Hall and those led by Karin Knörnschild in Eftalou, the retreats led by Kirsten Slots in Molyvos,  and the Osho Afroz meditation center built by disciples of the philosopher guru Baghwan Shree Rajneesh in Eressos) attract not only regulars but also well known yoga teachers from places as far away as Germany and Austria, the Netherlands, the U.K., Denmark, and beyond.