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2nd ARION Classic Guitar Summer Academy

When Mrs. Kaldi, the vice-chancellor of the Ionian University, proposed that I organize the 1st Guitar Summer Academy in Molyvos, I accepted with pleasure. After all, ancient Mithymna was home to Arion, the Dionysiac poet and kitharode and inventor of the dithyramb, so there was some historical precedent in this. Though initially somewhat hesitant about the way the Summer Academy might be accepted by the local community, I was pleasantly surprised to find Arion’s compatriots welcoming and excited and willing to contribute to the success of the project. Their organization and cooperation was a pleasantly discordant note to the usual – uncooperative tune in Greece in our days, something that lead to the success of the whole event. And, of course, proof of this success is the 2nd such event planned for this summer in Molyvos.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Mrs. Korina Vouyiouka is a classic guitarist, professor at the Department of Musical Studies at the Ionian University and
main organizer of the “Arion” Guitar Summer Academy.