The Social Cooperative Enterprise ‘Modousa’, born out of the need to react against the dominant development model, was created in the summer 2014 by 9 founding members who considered collaboration and cooperation as the antidote to discord and individualism which condemn our island, Lesbos, to misery.
Having as headquarters the impressive 19th century industrial building of the Papados Olive-producers Cooperative, at Dourahani in Gera, the original nine grew to 62 in 2017, and today our 83 members, until now scattered individuals, share a common vision. Olive producers, in our majority, we store our “Liquid Gold” as the ancient poet Homer called olive oil, in common tanks, we bottle it in our own bottling facility, and export it in countries ranging from Europe (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Cyprus, etc) to Taiwan and Korea through various Networks of Solidarity.
Our social and cultural events always attract popular attention, while our Grocery Store filled with cooperative, delicatessen produce and fresh fruit and vegetables by local farmers, acts as a link of communication and interaction for the local community.
Visit us or order online at or follow us on Facebook at modousa and Instagram at modousa_coop.
Modousa. Collective Effort. Social benefit.

Contact person: Koutsouradis Antonis - Phone number: +30 6932607549-50-51-57 , +30 2251103374
Email: - Website