Ah, yes. The Aegean.

It has been written about; photographed; made into movies; crisscrossed by cruise ships. Many millions have vacationed on its well known islands, experienced the singular beauty of its sunsets, swam in its crystal clear blue waters, fallen in love on its magnificent beaches. Its mention, alone, conjures up beautiful imagery.

Yet, amazingly enough, there are still parts of it that remain largely undiscovered. Like Molyvos, and Lesvos. Here you’ll find the crystal-clear blue waters; the wide variety of beautiful beaches; the nearly ever-present sunshine; the beautiful sunsets. After all, this is an island in the Aegean.

Molyvos, though, is the place for travellers who want to enjoy, experience and participate rather than to passively absorb the artificial sameness offered by some tourist destinations. Molyvos is a place where visitors can rest, relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area and experience the calm associated with the sun setting over the Aegean; hike, climb, or bike through the lush pine forests and acres upon acres of olive groves; swim, sail and fish or scuba dive in the blue waters of the Aegean; unwind, de-stress and get in touch with their inner self and the spirituality and energy of the island; attend folk festivals celebrating the island’s heritage and visit museums and monuments and learn about the island’s long history and deep culture dating back over three thousand years; visit ouzo distilleries, relish the exquisite taste of the courgette blossoms and the local cuisine with its middle-eastern influences, or harvest olives with the locals; savor the aroma of Greek coffee brewed over cinders in a “kafeneio” listening to stories of the island’s past and present woven by village elders. Year after year, many of our friends return to experience the authenticity, tradition and explosion of sensations that Molyvos and Lesvos have to offer.

We hope to see you among them, here, in THE OTHER AEGEAN.