A beautiful traditional village in the Northwest part of Lesvos Island, with a long sandy beach. It’s biggest attraction is the imposing rock of 40 meters located in the center of the settlement. The church of Virgin Mary dominates the cliff top. Built in 1724, it has 114 carved steps that will lead you to the top. Petra has a fully organized beach were you can do water sports and scuba diving. There are hotels, restaurants and bars, most of which are right next to the sea. Walking through the settlement you will come across many remarkable neoclassical buildings from the 19th and 20th Century. The Mansion of Vareltzidena with tapestries from the 1800’s is a site you shouldn’t miss. Petra’s new Schengen Gate operating from April till September will attract cruise ships and sailing boats from all over Greece and Turkey and it will make it easy to have a day trip to Turkey. For nature lovers, the areas around Petra, offer great walking and bicycle trails, like Ligones with the 18 old watermills, an unparalleled monument of nature. Petri, Skoutaros, Agios Alexandros, Stypsi, Ipsilometopo are only a few places you must visit. Avlaki is a beautiful bay only 2mins from Petra and a bit further down Anaxos, with a wonderful sandy beach. Both have tavernas and café bars on the beach.


You can reach Lesvos by plain or ferry and then catch a local bus from Mytilene, take a taxi or rent a car in order to go to Petra. Should you wish to take the bus, you must go to the main bus stop (LESVOS KTEL) located at the center of Mytilene. The new Schengen Gate in Petra is open from the 1st of April till the end of November, so travelers from Turkey can come to Petra direct.

It is 114 steps up to the Church of Glykofilousa Panagia. But the view will put a smile on your face. From there you can see the long sandy beach with the taverna’s, hotels and café’s just waiting for your call.

Petra and the nearby areas of Avlaki and Anaxos are all located along the north coast, so you can imagine the view from your room. Wherever you decide to stay, you will be guaranteed a sea view or at least a walk to the sea of no more than a couple of minutes. Choose between 4 star hotels or smaller boutique hotels, studios and apartments, villas, self-catered homes by the beach and old traditional mansions. You can stay by the beach or a bit further in the unique setting of this authentic Greek village.

Sandy beaches with superb tavernas on the shore. A beautiful traditional square and cobbled streets with restaurants, café bars and pastry shops well known to the whole Island of Lesvos. Beautiful tavernas by the harbor, great dining areas with the greatest sea view. Petra, Avalaki and Anaxos offer a great variety when it comes to dinning out. You will find it hard to choose a place so all we can suggest is two try a different one every day!