We love to share wonderful and positive moments in the mountains and on the mat – and our experiences in great nature with like-minded people.

This is karmahike.

Karmahike is used synonymously for authenticity, honesty and openness. For connection with nature and inner inspiration, for freedom and an open heart, for spirituality and joy.

Karmahike offers one week long hiking & yoga retreats in English and German language. The accommodations are simple but consciously selected: in remote places surrounded by nature, with stunning views, and close to the ocean. Because we believe that our thoughts can enter a calm state when surrounded by nature. We gain new energy and life power through movement and exercise.

Karmahike offers trips for active people, who care about their impact, consume consciously and honor the simple things in life. Karmahikers want to actively let go, and seek to get away from the usual distraction of TV, mobile phones and the Internet.

Karmahike trips are ideal for nature lovers and people who care about a healthy and balanced lifestyle. People who want to recharge their batteries, who need a break and who want to relax actively.

Singles, friends, couples and smaller groups, such as work teams, are welcome at Karmahike.

Contact person: Claudia Gellrich - Phone number: +4915112246406
Email: claudia@karmahike.com - Website