Hamam Mesagros

The MESAGROS hammam was built in 1898 by Dimitri Soulaki, a well-known olive  merchant in the Geras area. It was the personal bathroom of the Soulaki family, as we know from records that the construction of internal bathrooms in Greek houses only commenced after 1900. The hammam is in the courtyard of a mansion in MESAGROS, one of the most picturesque villages of Lesvos.

Often in the past when the hammam was operated, the owners invited friends and neighbours from the village to take their weekly bath. The traditional method of heating the hot-room (with a log fire), the marble troughs, the hot marble on the interior of the hammam, the clogs, bowls, massage gloves and other utensils create a unique atmosphere in the domed area and allows one’s imagination to travel back in time. The restoration was carried out with respect to the past and the architectural style of the building, modern day needs.

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