Confectionery ‘Tsalikis’ in Petra Lesvos has proven in 18 years of operation that the recipe for success is none other than the pure materials and proper customer service. The family Tsaliki sweetens its customers since 1995 on the island of Mytilene, after many years of experience in the zacharoplastikis.Apo 2008 even confectionery ‘Tsalikis’ acquired its own large and spacious area, on the road from Petra to Molyvos there, you can enjoy besides the delicacies available in the shop, an amazing sea view and probably the best sunset of the island.

Contact person: Tsalikis Dimitrios - Phone number: +30 2253041165 ,+30 2253042010 , +30 6946462951
Email: info@tsalikis.com.gr dinatsa@yahoo.gr - Website