Located in the center of Lesvos Island, Kalloni’s rich history reflects in the existence of numerous archaeological sites in the region. The Messa Sanctuary, Klopedi and the temple of Apolo by Aghia Paraskevi village, the underwater ancient city of Pyra, Makara and Apotheka are only a few to mention. And of course Aristotle’s Lagoon, the salt lakes of Kalloni, which is where Aristotle first founded Biology. The coastal areas of the Gulf of Kalloni are included in “NATURA 2000” and they are considered world famous for bird watching. Visit Leimonos monastery, Agia Paraskevi and the Museum of the Olive Oil Production, Anemotia, Skalochori, Filia and of course Skala Kalloni, a picturesque harbor with warm shallow waters, a beautiful sandy beach and exquisite sea food. Do not forget to order sardines, the local must.

Kalloni is located in the middle of the island o Lesvos, 48 Khms. and about 35 mins drive from the capital Mytilene. You can reach Lesvos by plain or ferry and then catch a local bus from Mytilene, take a taxi or rent a car in order to go to Kalloni. Should you wish to take the bus, you must go to the main bus stop (LESVOS KTEL) located in the center of Mytilene, take a bus to Kalloni and change busses in order to go to Skala Kalloni. That is another 7 mins drive and about 3.3 Khms distance.

The salt lakes of Kalloni is not only a magnificent location for bird watching. It is also Aristotle’s Lagoon and it is here where Aristotle founded Biology. The sanctuary of Mesa and the underwater ruins of Ancient Pyra is not far. Also Klopedi and the temple of Apolo. The Olive Oil Museum of Agia Parakevi, a village with beautiful mansions is also close by and the monasteries of Limonos and Myrsiniotisa. There are great walking and cycling trails around and routes you can enjoy with the car through beautiful pine tree woods and olive trees. Then there is Skala Kalloni, a quaint little harbor with superb tavernas ready to serve you the delicacy Kalloni Bay is known for, fresh sardines and love from the real Greece.

Most accommodation around the area of Kalloni is based on Skala Kalloni, only five mins drive from Kalloni. This is a beautiful location with a harbor and a long sandy beach where you can stay at beautiful villa apartments, luxurious resorts or more simple and traditional studios and apartments.

Skala Kalloni is the best place to have local fresh sardines, scallops and muscles if in season. Try the tavernas and restaurants by the harbor or along the beach and you will be sure you will leave with a full stomach!