What to do in Gera

The gulf of Gera and the surrounding area is for you to explore. Find the Roman Aqueduct with two ruins. One by the village of Moria and one closer to the village of Agiasos. Find the catacombs in Skopelos or find yourself walking through olive groves, walking trails around the area of Karyona and mount Olympus. Visit the thermal springs in Gera, Polycnitos and Lisvori; maybe do some horse-riding, bird watching, yoga or meditation. Visit the Olive Oil Museum of Vrana where it was once owned by the grandfather of Elytis, the Nobel Prize winner and it now used for many events, concerts and exhibitions. Catch a water taxi from the village of Perama and go across the gulf or drive to Skala Polycnitos and Vatera, the longest beach of the island. Or take some temperas with you, find the perfect spot and draw that perfect moment of the sun setting over the gulf.