The birth place of the Nobel Prize winner, Odysseas Elytis. Gera consists of many small villages located around the Gulf of Gera and some forgotten by time. Here you can see old mills, forgotten soap and olive oil factories, old kafeneio’s, castles, churches and mansions. You must not fail to visit the Vrana Museum, the old Mosque of Mesagros, the church of Zoodohos Pigis, the church of Mary Magdalene with the catacombs in Skopelos and the bakery with the original wall painting of Theophilos, the Naive painter. Enjoy swimming in Evriaki and further away in Tarti, Nyfida and Vatera where you can find great accommodation, café, bars and tavernas. Lisvori and Polichnitos are well known for their hot springs. Also Fara, Tsilia, Ambaria and the area around Toumba especially for walking and horse riding, are all worth seeing. Last but not least, Agiasos. The traditional settlement located on Mount Olympus. Walk through the cobbled streets, visit the old church, have a Greek coffee in a kafeneio, buy a local product, follow the walking trails around the mountain which offers spectacular views.

The Municipality of Gera consists of the villages of Papados, Palaeokipos, Mesagros, Skopelos, Plakados and Perama. All located on the South East of Lesvos Island and around the Gulf of Gera. Most villages are less than an hour’s drive from the capital Mytilene. You can reach Lesvos by plane or ferry and then catch a local bus from Mytilene, take a taxi or rent a car in order to visit the villages of Gera. Should you wish to take the bus, you must go to the main bus stop (LESVOS KTEL) located in the center of Mytilene.

The gulf of Gera and the surrounding area is for you to explore. Find the Roman Aqueduct with two ruins. One by the village of Moria and one closer to the village of Agiasos. Visit the Olive Oil Museum of Vrana where it was once owned by the grandfather of Elytis, the Nobel Prize winner and it now used for many events, concerts and exhibitions.

The hotels around the Gulf of Gera and Tarti may not be so many in numbers but they all offer great services. Choose from a 4 star hotel to a villa house and from a spacious studio to an apartment that could fit up to five people. Most rooms around the bay have sea views and are close to the beach.

Most villages have a certain area where all taverna’s are located and it is the town’s busiest site. Well not Gera. Gera’s villages and all along Tarti and further in Agiasos have so many hidden treasures around that you just have to do your own searching. Great taverna’s by the beach or harbors, small cafés with stunning views, old time classic kafeneios and so many more awaiting your arrival.