The reputation of Lesvos is inextricably linked with Sappho, the greatest lyric poet of all time, who was born in Eressos and lived in Mytilene during the 6th century B.C.


Volcanic landscapes, remarkable historical monuments, old monasteries, beautiful beaches, superb facilities for accommodation and food. The birth place of the poet Sappho and the philosopher Theophrastos is a lively yet peaceful area.

Here you can also find a well know meditation center. Sigri is half an hour away and is a traditional fishing village with a Castle build by the Ottomans in 1757. Here you must visit one of UNESCOS global monuments, the Petrified Forrest and the Museum of Natural History. Worth visiting is also the first Digital Museum in Grrece, of the famous painter Iakovidis, in Hidira and also a bit further the Monastery of Pythari. East of Eresos you will find Mesotopos and to the north Antissa, home of the anciet poet and musician Terpandros.

The International Women's Festival

Skala Eressos, with its stunning, sandy beach and its relaxed atmosphere, has succeeded over the course of time to embrace women from all over the world, who return, time and time again, every summer to the place where they feel safe, free and accepted.

The largest turnout of women occurs in September, during which the International Women's Festival takes place, starting the first weekend of the month. For two weeks, women can participate in artistic and cultural events and seminars, during which they can express their creative side, or simply enjoy the sea, sports and the "sweet life" in Skala. In the evenings, the bars, hosting a range of well-known DJ's, continue with the “baton” of fun. As part of the festivities, excursions to various parts of the island are organized, thus providing everyone the opportunity to get to know the undiscovered beauties of the island.